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A Podcast For Ladies Who Are Tired of Pretending and Ready To Be Real

“It was for this that I was born!” – Joan of Arc

Open up about real life

Connect in community

Know you're doing life right

Life can feel like a mess

Life can sometimes take over: the dishes are dirty, the laundry keeps piling up, your middle school son won’t do their homework, and your toddler smells like sh…- you get the point. You feel kinda alone and maybe a little frustrated. The thing is, you shouldn’t have to deal with the mess on your own.

You need someone to be real with

Learn from other ladies

The membership gives women just like you a chance to learn the best practices and worst experiences from each other. So, grab that coffee—or a vodka (this is a judge-free zone).

Take control of the mess

I wanted a podcast that was real. Really real. Not one where women complain about what a bad wife they are for not mopping the floor that day. Right!!? Someone slap that woman. And then point her to this podcast.

Know you are doing life right

When you sign up, you’ll get free or discounted resources, tools, and advice from women who are wearing or have been in your shoes.

As a mother of 4, I get it.

Hi! I’m Cameron Fradd. I’m the founder of Among the Lilies a Podcast for woman “who are tired of pretending and ready to be real!” I speak weekly to a growing community of women about being authentic and real.

I also speak passionately about Feminine Genius and believe that all woman are beautiful and wonderfully made. I have an unshakable faith in Our Lord and deep desire to share my heart with others, especially woman.

Through the podcast, social media, and various speaking engagements, I am passionate about helping women discover their identity as beloved daughters of God. 

I spend most of my time raising and homeschooling my four beautiful energetic children in Georgia, where we live with my husband, Matt Fradd. Together, we have done many amazing things more specifically co-authored the book Restored: True Stories of Love and Lust After Porn

With a smile always on my face and praise on my lips, I press onward one day at time, uttering the words of my Patron Saint Joan of Arc, “It was for this that I was born!”

Be real with a community of ladies just like you

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Don’t just take my word for it; listen to 100s of women just like you!

This podcast will change your life.

So real, so pure, so funny, so serious, so lighthearted, so inspiring – thank you Cameron Fradd for creating this podcast. I cannot even begin to say how much it has brought me closer to God and my faith, and to realize I am not alone in both the struggles and joys in life. You will not regret listening to this!


Verified Listener

So refreshingly real.

Cameron Fradd is so refreshingly real and she & her guests always share their hearts so beautifully! With every episode of Among the Lilies I listen to, it’s as if I’m in the room chatting with good friends over a glass of wine. I adore this podcast!

Melanie G.

Verified Listener

Incredibly Funny & Faithful!!!

Love this podcast it’s so encouraging and challenging at the same time. Grateful for the joy and even the sorrowful chats being real is true to who we are!! Keep up the great work!


Verified Listener

Thanks for all that you do.

I find your podcast helpful in ministering to women, and knowing the female genius from a pragmatic sense.

Fr. Matt

Priest from Duluth

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