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143: The Joy of Homeschooling

May 1, 2020

To I chat with Bonnie Landry about Homeschooling … and. it. was. AMAZING!

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Bonnie a Catholic-convert homeschooling wife and mother for the last thirtysomething years, living in the little hamlet of Cobble Hill. She and her husband have seven children, 13-32, and five little grandchildren. They’ve been homeschooling their brood on Vancouver Island since 1991, a few more years to go. She loves her God and hanging out with her husband and family.  

  Her website and blog are here:  www.bonnielandry.ca   The link to the workshop we’re talking about is here:  https://www.bonnielandry.ca/about  

I have a few facebook pages, Homeschool moms who drink wine, make joy normal and Catholic Vintage Hippie Mamas.

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