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154: Surviving Wildfire Smoke with Nerf Guns

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September 18, 2020

Today I interview one of my amazing Among The Lilies partners. Elisa, you have heard her voice often as she has started producing the show. You may remember her from some early episodes including the infamous Sex Series, available to patrons. We are planning some new episodes in that series soon. This episode is not about sex but we do talk about fires, smoke, homeschooling chaos and guns…nerf guns. I talk to Elisa all about how she is surviving in Southern Washington with hazardous air from the wildfires that are raging all down the west coast. 


Elisa is homeschooling five children, running a business selling art and candles, working for me, all the while stuck inside because the air in Oregon and Washington has been at a dangerously high level. You can see her shop and beautiful products and support her at trulykindred.com


I hope you enjoy this episode! We talk about a lot. If you are interested in helping with wildfire relief there are many people who have lost homes. More than 5 million acres have burned so far and tens of thousands have been displaced the result of the fire is air quality conditions worse than have ever been seen. Everyone on the west coast could use our prayers and help. 


This organization helps support the families of firefighters in California who work tirelessly year after year to fight the wildfires in California.

California Fire Foundation


This fund was set up to help the families who have been affected by the wildfires in California.

California Wildlife Relief Fund



The Red Cross has mobilized and has resources for how to help by giving to your local Red Cross chapter and specifically making a note you can read more HERE!



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