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155: Everyone Needs a Nurse Christine!

September 25, 2020

Please Note: This episode was recorded last fall so COVID-19 was not a part of the conversation or something we were dealing with. We do not talk about COVID in this episode for that reason.

In todays episode I talk with my dear friend Christine Malone. Christine is one of the Among the Lilies “Three Musketeers.” She is the woman who makes everything happen, helps schedule and communicate with interviewees, and keeps Elisa and I on track. On top of all that I have known Christine longer than I have known my husband. Christine is married, has four beautiful children, who she schools at home, and she has been a nurse for 18 years! She is the woman I call with all my medical questions. I wanted to share her wisdom with y’all so here you go! I think you will really enjoy this episode and if you have more questions share them with us and we can do another episode with Christine in the future!

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