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216. Our pets heads are falling off!!!!

June 8, 2022

“We got no food, we got no jobs, our pets’ heads are falling off!” At the risk of dating myself w/ a Dumb & Dumber quote, but seriously that is how I’ve felt these last few weeks. Everything is going wrong and stuff that shouldn’t be happening is happening!!! 5 ER runs to 3 different hospitals, my daughter got bit by a BAT, my son was thrown off my husband’s electric bike. But instead of someone yelling “Harry, I’ll take care of it”, the entire situation yelled, “Cameron, I’m taking care of it!!” God was with us and taking care of us in each and every moment. I share the beauty of that and our Community. Community is such an important thing in our lives, it’s simply amazing how we can rely on, pray and help each other out. What is your community like? There is also a guest appearance by our youngest Fradd teaching you about his bees! 🙂 Feel free to ask him questions he really wants to come back on! ____________________________ Don’t forget that we have made https://www.cameronfradd.com/  the place where you can find all the things Among The Lilies!

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