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218. How to Get This FILTH Out of Our Libraries!

June 23, 2022

For people that love books at are true, good & beautiful… help get books that are not theses things out of our library!!!! I think we need to spare children from all things sexually & protect their innocence. Anyone else miss books full of imagination & make-believe? I don’t remember books pushing agendas when we were kids. Let’s get our libraries back to just promoting reading for all!! Ladies please sign & share!!! My friend Laura created a petition to get the LGBTQ+ books out of the children’s section at our library. Minimum is to sign, but please share to get others to help & if you feel called start your own petition for your own local libraries. This needs to be done at the grass roots level. Dunk Driving awareness only happened b/c of moms who were sick of it!! Ladies I’m fed up, how about you? Let’s protect this next generation of kids & give them a fighting chance!!!! Sign the petition… Libraries Welcoming for Everyone http://ipt.io/JNXLX,http://ipt.io/JNXLX ____________________________

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