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231. Ask a Trauma Therapist

October 25, 2022

I’ll be chatting all things healing w/ Margaret Vasquez. I know all of us have had trauma, both big and small, we NEED HEALING and JESUS! Feel free to put questions or topics you want us to address below. Margaret Vasquez holds a bachelor’s degree in Theology and a master’s degree in counseling, both from Franciscan University of Steubenville. She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Trauma Therapist and is founder and director of Sacred Heart Healing Ministries.  For the past 16 years she has treated clients of all ages from around the world in a method of trauma therapy she developed. She now does healing/wellness/and relationship coaching online and provides healing retreats and parish healing seminars based on a Theology of relationships the Lord showed her through her time as a clinical counselor. Her website: www.SacredHearthealingministries.com  

Her Books (both on Amazon): More Than Words: The Freedom to Thrive After Trauma Fearless: Abundant Life Through Infinite Love WOMAN MADE NEW book is available for presale now on www.EWTNRC.com  | https://bit.ly/3QoJis0  Coupon code “Newbooks” will give a 10% discount to preorders.

Margaret’s Podcast: Wholeness & Holiness


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