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62: 62: Speaking of Hysterectomies and your lady parts….

May 17, 2018


Speaking of Hysterectomies and your lady parts….

I interview a fellow friend who has also had way too many female issues to count… if you have ovaries or a period or ever use too!! This episode if for you!! We get really real and tell you about our surgeries and share that you are not alone!! There is a thing called a hyster-sister to give ladies support.. this is more of rejoicing in womanhood and the gift of being a woman, even if we lack a womb… It’s a real cross to have to an intimate part of you like a breast or uterus removed, especially if you are a pro-life Christian Lady. So we once again want to talk about something that no one is talking about. Maybe you’ve been in our shoes or have a friend that will. Hope this helps and is a support!! 

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