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155: Everyone Needs a Nurse Christine!

155: Everyone Needs a Nurse Christine!

Please Note: This episode was recorded last fall so COVID-19 was not a part of the conversation or something we were dealing with. We do not talk about COVID in this episode for that reason. In todays episode I talk with my dear friend Christine Malone. Christine is...
155: Everyone Needs a Nurse Christine!

154: Surviving Wildfire Smoke with Nerf Guns

Today I interview one of my amazing Among The Lilies partners. Elisa, you have heard her voice often as she has started producing the show. You may remember her from some early episodes including the infamous Sex Series, available to patrons. We are planning some new...
155: Everyone Needs a Nurse Christine!

153: Where Were You on 9/11?

In today’s episode, aired on September 11, 2020 I talk about this day 19 years ago. 9/11 was a world changing day and for those of us who were old enough to remember it happening it will forever be fixed in our minds. I compare the response of the nation/world...
155: Everyone Needs a Nurse Christine!

152: Finding your Personhood Beyond LGBTQ

Today I interview the other founder of Eden Invitation (an apostolate for those with same -sex attraction)! You may remember Episode 145 when I interviewed Anna Carter well Shannon is the other half of the Eden Invitation team and I am so excited about the ministry...